Get The Most Out Of Your Whirlybird Installation In Darwin

published on 04 January 2021
Get the most out of your whirlybird installation in darwin

At Cool Roof Restoration, we dedicate ourselves to helping you get more out of your whirlybird installation in Darwin. A whirlybird is a crucial part of the roof ventilation and cooling system for most homes.

Here in Darwin, with our scorching summer temperatures and overall tropical climate, it is essential to have this type of installation for your roof. Cool Roof Restoration provides value in the form of solar-reflective roof paint, solar-powered attic fan devices and more.

About the Professionals at Cool Roof Restoration 

Our team of skilled roofers at Cool Roof Restoration brings the skill, precision and experience necessary to execute your project entirely adequately. Here are a few reasons that our team is so well-equipped to handle your roof ventilation needs: 

  • Our experience: We have 15+ years of experience in this industry. We have spent the past six of those years focusing specifically on roofing restorations in Darwin. We are very familiar with the challenges that this area’s tropical climate poses and know-how to provide solutions that combat it and keep your home cool.

  • Our qualifications: Cool Roof Restoration is an Accredited Roof Plumber and a Registered Cool Roof Installer. From installing solar roof vents to painting your roof with solar-reflective paint, we are qualified to deliver even the more niche-based facets of your roof restoration project.

  • Our commitment to superior customer service: We want you to feel comfortable and confident with your choice in Cool Roof Restoration. To ensure the smoothest process possible, our professionals strive to offer friendly, helpful customer service every step of the way — whether that means preparing a thorough and accurate price quote or giving you progress updates on your project 

Tips for Planning Your Whirlybird Installation in Darwin 

Cool Roof Restoration is ready to help you install a whirlybird vent in Darwin. Before you proceed with your installation, consider these tips: 

  • Make sure you need a whirlybird: If your home — and especially your attic area — becomes too hot in the summer, a ventilation issue is likely at play. Still, it’s not a bad idea to consult with a professional before determining that you need a whirlybird vent. At Cool Roof Restoration, we provide free inspections and quotes, to help you determine the best path forward for your roof.

  • Consider solar power: If you need a roof attic fan, why not choose a solar-powered option? Cool Roof Restoration offers solar roof vents and would be happy to walk you through the pricing, features and benefits.

  • Get a quote for roof painting: While you have the Cool Roof Restoration team at your house, ask about our roof painting service. We use new-generation roof paints that increase solar reflectance, lowering roof temperatures by as much as 50 per cent and provide savings of up to 20 per cent on cooling your home. This service is the perfect complement to a whirlybird installation. 

A History Of Cool Roof Restoration

Cool Roof Restoration has been operating for just four years, but our team has been involved in this roofing industry for 15+ years. We provide the best roof restoration, ventilation and cooling services to homeowners in Darwin. To learn more about us and our whirlybird installations in Darwin, call us on 0450388275 or get an obligation-free quote.

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