Choose Cool Roof Restoration For Your Roof Ventilation In Darwin

published on 04 January 2021
Choose cool roof restoration for your roof ventilation in darwin

At Cool Roof Restoration, our qualifications for handling roof ventilation in Darwin are right there in our company name. A big focus of our business is about offering roofing solutions that can provide temperature control in severe tropical climates such as Darwin. If your home tends to overheat in the summertime, the chances are that we can help. 

How Much Do You Know about Roof Ventilation in Darwin?

Having a smart roof ventilation system in Darwin is vital. This area sees hot, tropical temperatures in the summertime. Without the proper roofing setup, you will be left with a hot, stuffy house — or at least a lofty energy bill. Here are some important details about roof ventilation systems to keep in mind as you shop around for an installation: 

  • Heat transfer is the problem: As the sun beats down on your roof, it absorbs the heat and transfers it to your house. This heat transfer leads to hot attics first but can quickly heat the rest of your home if you don’t have systems in place to prevent that outcome.

  • Ridge vents: Also allow warm air to escape from your attic resulting in lower energy consumption and corresponding bills.

  • Air conditioning isn’t enough to fight solar-heated air: Houses that get hot in the summer — whether due to poor-quality insulation or a lack of roof ventilation — end up fighting that heat with air conditioning. While an aircon can do a valiant job at keeping the temperature of your home bearable, it isn’t enough to fight sun-heated air on its own. Your air conditioning system will either have to run continuously or will have to work too hard to keep a consistent temperature. Results will include a higher utility bill and a shortened lifespan for the aircon.

  • The ventilation system isn’t the only component, either: At Cool Roof Restoration, we regularly install whirlybirds — the dome-shaped, fan-like apparatuses that serve to create a vacuum in attic spaces or other roof cavities. These devices are effective at sucking hot air out of the attic and expelling it out of the house. In most cases, though, we pair whirlybird installation with roof painting in Darwin. By using highly solar-reflective roof paints, we can prevent a roof from absorbing sunlight and heat at such a high rate. This strategy alone can cut your cooling costs by 20 per cent, even without the whirlybird. 

Signs You Should Invest in a Roof Ventilation System in Darwin

How can you know if you need a roof ventilation system? Here are a few signs that it might be time to call Cool Roof Restoration: 

  • You don’t have a ventilation system in place already: Every home in Darwin needs a roof ventilation system. If you don’t have one already — or aren’t sure what you have— call Cool Roof Restoration for an inspection and project quote.

  • You notice damaged insulation in your attic: Did you know that heat can damage insulation? If the insulation in your attic or roof cavity looks damaged, then intense heat due to lack of proper ventilation may be the culprit.

  • Your cooling bill is on the rise: If your summer air conditioning bill is either on the rise or already astronomical, there is probably something wrong. 

About Cool Roof Restoration

With 15+ years of industry experience — ranging from Darwin roof painting to roof ventilation work or full roof restorations — Cool Roof Restoration is a business you can trust to provide a quality service. Call us on 0450388275 or get an obligation-free quote.

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